Teaching Methods

I start a session by reminding students of the objectives and or learning outcomes. Announcement would have been made on Learnline about the topic and tutorial to be discussed, and any forthcoming assessments at the start of that week. A typical two (2) hours lesson will be broken-down as follows:


Activity                                                               Time (minutes)

Objectives and Introduction                                      10

Major theorems, axioms, concepts                            20

Examples including applications                               20

Break                                                                         10

Example for students                                                 25

Reflection and ending session                                   5

To fulfill the teaching philosophy stated above, I provide ample time for students to work through various examples on their own, both in class as well as the tutorial sessions. This approach helps in identifying individual student needs.


I use different conceptual strategies and different interpretation of concepts. I find the use of analogy, charts, diagrams to be particularly helpful, as they can relate concepts to real world events.

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